Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whole Class Writing With Ms Donald
Learning Goal
We are learning to describe things using our senses to help us.
Eyes: what it looks like
Ears: what it sounds like
Nose: what it smells like
Hands: what it feels like
Mouth: what it tastes like

Green leaves, big, yellow petals
Grey seeds, circular, spiky stalk
Soft petals, silky leaves, heavy
Crunchy seeds like nuts, hard, sticky smooth
Bees buzzing getting the pollen,
The leaves rustling in the wind
Raindrops ‘drip drop’ feeding the sunflower

By Room 14


  1. What an amazing sunflower you have in your class Room 14! I wonder how many seeds it has? I'm also wondering how you could make a good guess.

  2. You have used all your senses to describe sunflowers. Have you seen the sunflowers Room 15 have grown in the garden. One of them is taller than Mr Arnold.