Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Acrostic Poem

Grey skin, gentle   (Baylee & Elsie)
Unique because he thought of a plan (Elsie)
Jaws are good for eating juicy ducks   (Te Kara, Villiami & Rylan)
In the nest, the crocodile’s egg was big (Ayden & Mifu)

Guji Guji saved the day, he was a hero! (Finton & Rico)
Under the bridge the mean crocodile's were waiting for the ducks (Ruby)
Joyfully they danced because Guji Guji saved his family from the crocodile’s
In the nest, Guji Guji hatched and said his name. “Guji Guji”   ( Latisha)

Whole class writing with Ms Donald based on the story 'Guji Guji' by Chih Yuan Chen which we will see being performed at the Globe Theatre in Term 2.

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