Sunday, November 5, 2017

Must Do - Can Do

This term we have our own timetables. This means that we can choose what we learn and when we are learning it. We have a list of must do's and can do's that we can choose from. 

Problem Solving (Room 13)
E-Ako Maths
Writing (Room 14)
Word Work
Maths Tick Chart
Publish Writing
Writers Notebook
Thinkers Keys
Scientific Drawing
Game of Awesome  

Each morning when we get to school we have to fill in our timetables so that we know what our day will look like. We really like having more choice in our learning. 

We also have 3 different charge levels. When you are on 'full charge' you are allowed to work outside, on the playground or on the tables outside room 13. When you are on charge 2 you can sit anywhere in room 13 and 14. If you are on charge 1 you have to sit at a table close to the teacher. If we manage ourselves we are allowed to move up a charge level.

"I like having our own timetables because we get to plan our day. " Cade Lock

"We have lots of things to choose from which means we don't have to do the same thing every day" Caelyn Southee

"I like that we don't have to do what the teacher says we get to choose when we do the activities we want to do" Tahu Lowe

It's good that you have to do the must do's before you can do the can do's otherwise everyone would just do the fun stuff" Yianni Fovakis

It's cool how we can work in different places depending on what charge level we are on. If we are on charge 1 we will try really hard to manage ourselves because we want to work outside" Hamiora Hiko-Kourau 

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