Saturday, February 23, 2019

Library visit

Last week Room 14 went to the Awapuni Library. Some of us bought our library cards from home and got out a book to take home. Those of us who didn't have a card have bought home a form so that we can get our own card. We loved exploring the library and looking at new books. Here are some photos of us at the library.

Room 14 and Room 5 Gala Stall

Toy Store!!!!

To Parents/Whanau             

As I’m sure you already know, West End School is having a gala on Friday 1st March, 5pm - 8pm. Each classroom is running a stall and Room 5 and Room 14 are selling old toys. We would like permission to bring any old toys that are in good condition to school to add to our stall, to sell. We appreciate any donation that you are able to make.

Thank you for supporting us, Room 14

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Swimming Groups 2019

Next week is week five and that means we are starting swimming. We will be swimming for the next 10 weeks, until week 3 term 2. Our Swimming groups are either on a Monday or Tuesday. These are early groupings and may change in the first few weeks of swimming. Some children have yet to be placed in a group and will need to bring their togs on Monday.

Click here to see groups

This list will be updated when changes are made so please keep checking it.

Working together

In Room 14 we have been learning to work together. We did an activity where we had to move cups into a tower using string and a rubber band. Here are some photos of our efforts.