Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cultural experiences

Dear parents/Whanau

This term Puawaitanga team are learning about cultural diversity and inclusivity. As part of this inquiry your child would like to invite you to come into our classrooms to share a part of your culture with us. You could share anything from your culture including art, music, dance, cooking/baking storytelling - any ideas the children are able to experience or participate in are welcome.

We are hoping to have parents come into share with us in week 8 (March 18th - 22nd). Depending on interest, we would like to set up a rotation on Thursday 21st March so that all the children in Puawaitanga can experience a variety of culture. We understand however that this day may not fit in with your schedule or you may only be able to give up a portion of your day, so if you are only available to share with your child's class or at a certain time we will work with you to organise this.

If you are interested in being part of this learning experience in any way please get in contact.

Thank you,

Mr McKeever