Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Today we had a visit from Horizons

Today we had a visit from Sarah from Horizons. She talked with us about the impact we are having on our waterways.

We talked about run off from farms and urban runoff. Did you know that the water that goes down our storm water drains goes straight into our waterways and into our river? We talked about stopping rubbish going down drains and reducing the amount of sediment and other pollution that goes down the drains. Washing our cars on the grass instead of the concrete can help this.

Sarah bought a model that showed us run off both on farms and in towns. Farmers are planting trees and putting up fences to help combat the runoff on farms.

We looked at maps of our catchment and maps of the sewer and storm water pipes that cover our city.

Please talk with your child about what they learnt about through this experience.

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